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Clichés You Watch…

I cannot sit in a chair for much longer than fifteen minutes. Too painful. I have advanced, gross degenerative osteoarthritis in my lower back. This condition has been developing for thirty-some years. I spent a fortune on chiropractors—to no avail. First, I had trouble standing while I cooked dinner. After my second floor apartment in New Orleans, I lived in a big beautiful house in Thunder Bay. This house had stairs going up and stairs going down. I began to have trouble climbing all those stairs. Then it became difficult to sit for long at my computer–a serious problem for a writer. So I sold the house and moved into my current apartment–no stairs. To get around the sitting problem I bought a hospital-type bed and reclined upon it with a new MacBook Air laptop. I could write all day, if I so chose, with minimal pain. So what all this is leading up to is: when I’m not writing, I watch a great deal of television. I have a 50” Samsung Smart TV and I get Netflix, Crave, Roku, Acorn, Am…

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